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Ninomiya Blog December 22, 2009

"Nodame~" Movie Opening Day

I just got back from Yūrakuchō!!

I waved this along with everyone else~.
I had a seat near the front, and it seems that when
Kimi-chan was doing the introduction she spotted me.
I was a bit embarrassed.

It was a huge screen with lots of sound...amazing!
Everyone, please share your thoughts on the blog.
Not so much about me, but I'd love to hear what you think
about the director and everyone else. I'm waiting!

Since he was a child, it has been the director's dream
to make movies, and now that dream has come true!
It gives me such a deep emotion to think about it..
Every time I see him I want to hug him... (LOL)

Tamaki-kun [Chiaki] had to work especially hard for this first part.
Fukishi-kun [Kuroki] was performing from within the Roux Marlet Orchestra,
and he said just before it was time for the oboe part,
Tamaki-kun looked straight at him. Amazing.

Juri-chan's [Nodame's] gags were also great.
The Hentai Forest made a great impression.
The real Nodame wailed aloud in that scene. (LOL)
Ah..I can't wait for the second part.
But before that I mean to go back and see
this first part in a movie theater.
(I wonder how many times I'll go...)

About my work...
The next deadline is rather tight...
And even though I'm in the middle of all this work,
Tamaki-kun appeared on "Telephone Shocking"
for the "Sure Thing!" segment. So I sent him flowers.
Then it turned out Juri-chan was on the next day,
so I sent her flowers, too! I don't think I've ever sent
flowers 2 days in a row in my life! (LOL)
But who knew that Cupid Flowers were what
was called for with "Sure Thing!"

[The translation of this last paragraph is rather lame, but I don't know enough
about the "Telephone Shocking" TV show to know exactly what she's talking about.
I think the host surprises the guest with a telephone call, and there is something
about saying "Sure Thing!" Why Ninomiya sent flowers I am not sure.]

Baby Corner

Whatever it is, he copies it.
(I'm not gonna let him drink it!!)
Lately a lot of music from the Nodame movie
has been around: Beethoven's 7th, other orchestra music.
It seems like he wants to be a conductor.
Is he copying Tamaki-kun? I didn't notice when
he started doing it, but it sure was a surprise!

December 22, 1:28am

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